Sygnals - Enter Light

Entering our primal Source…
At once obvious and mysterious…

The matter of All… As a ray… As a wave…
You can catch a glimpse but not the whole stream…

Welcome to the brightest dimension !

Enter Light !

Sonic Loom proudly presents Sygnals' first full album.
An unforgettable journey through multiple acoustical layers.

A downtempo pulse that exceeds its own boundaries.
A farrago of musical tendencies, overflowing endless possibilities…

As complex as simple…
Once you enter magic appears !

  • 01. Hypnotic States
  • 02. Sparks Of Light
  • 03. Futura Memoria
  • 04. Engenes
  • 05. Link No
  • 06. Elxis
  • 07. Archeafructus
  • 08. Reversing Normality
  • 09. Through Silence

Release Date : 16 June 2014

Mastering by Petran @ Echology Studios

Artwork by