Allu in Greek means “somewhere else”,”elsewhere”, in another place/point/state or even dimension.
It is the collaboration project of Dendrobates & Thos Grol, crafted somewhere
in time on various places & dimensions, under various states of mind.
Driven by the love for peculiar sounds and mysterious rhythms, infused with
electric circuits and space molecules.
Our quest is to explore the full spectrum of the Cosmos !





Antonymous is an artist based in Athens, Greece.
embarked on his musical journey at a young age,
delving into the world of music through piano lessons
and exploration of various harmonium keyboards at a private conservatory.

In the early 2000s, he discovered a passion for psytrance.
After years of immersing himself in the scene, experimenting with different genres,
and refining his DJ skills, the Antonymous project came to life.
His first tracks and debut EP, "The Ascending Path," found a home with Sonic Loom Music.

Over the years, Antonymous has had the opportunity to perform at festivals worldwide, including
Boom, Ozora, Mo:Dem, Universo Parallelo, Freqs of Nature, MastersofPuppets, Earth Dance, and Ritual.
His tracks have also found a place on notable labels within the scene.
Additionally, he collaborates with Tromo on the side project Quadraphonic.
Always exploring the nuances of the psychedelic sound,
Antonymous aims to create music that takes the listener on a journey,
inviting both body and mind to join in the experience.



The person behind project "Atomas" is Kostas, borned in Athens.
He began mixing psy trance since 2002 and he subsequently started producing his own music
with multiple software programs.

During the years he discovered his unique musical style
with deep baselines, atmospheric and playful sounds.
He enjoys experimenting with the possibilities of synthesizers in a wide gamma of electronic styles.

In 2012 he released his first track "Buenas Noches" and later on the same year
he signed in Sonic Loom Music.

He is in a fully productive mode and is working on his own music in collaboration
with Mamka and other producers, which means that fresh and interesting sounds will come our way soon.

Genre : Psychedelic Trance / Downtempo / Country : Greece





Band Crash


The Band Crash project started in 2011 by Alex and Despina,
mostly for fun and for sharing the fun with others.
Having no clue on what they were doing, due to their lack of musical knowledge,
they felt free to experiment and started producing their own tracks.
After the band's first Live act and some releases they planned
to make a series of albums with the stuff they had produced together.
But in 2018 the band … crashed! Having a strong friendship,
good memories and great times in studio they decided that Alex should go on and keep the project alive,
continuing what they have started together!
◈ Their debut album "Why" is near & will be initially released in physical form (CD)

Genre : Psychedelic Trance / Downtempo / Country : Greece






Michael is no stranger to the psychedelic scene. He has already appeared under various guises,
such as the solo psy-trance project Meander, the experimental downtempo adventures of 3.14,
and has conspired with fellow dancefloor agitator Michael Chavales (Ridden, Drip-Drop) to form Witchcraft.
Michael’s constantly evolving perspective on dance music and the scene urgently demanded a new
medium of expression. This is how the Biohacker project was born. The project has rapidly evolved into
a pandemonium of gravity-defying baselines and intelligent shifting grooves,
interwoven in a totally unpredictable psychedelic sequence.
Watch out your genes – they are about to dance away from you!