A deep dive into darkness, enveloped in the dystopian feeling of the new era
with sick grooves and experimental glitches, hooked by melancholic melodies
and deep atmospheres.
New directions and paths are forming deeper and deeper in darkness
through the second solo album by 3,14.

1. Haunted Future
2. Avoid The Light - (& Momentum)
3. Crawling Beyond Night
4. Into The Abyss
5. Deeper In Darkness
6. Absolute Black
7. Deadlok Pattern
8. Transformed Chaos
9. Awareness Of Nothing
10. Seiji Yokoyama - Death Trip Serenade - 3,14 Remix
Mastered by: Mastering by Micky Noise @ Plus Six Mastering
Designed by: Tziv
Written & produced by: Michael Fourlas
Produced by: Sonic Loom Music 2022
  Release Date: 2022-06-17