Every path we choose in life leads to a higher purpose.
It takes time to be fulfilled, swirling through successive cycles and orbicular paths,
but what we do will finally come to embrace us.

Observe the sacred geometry of music flowing through and animating your body.

Feel it as it opens up, blossoms and unfolds in a wider perspective.
... our paths are connected.

Antonymous introduces his work: three tracks written and produced in the Ionian island of Kythera.
A sonic adventure where each element, be it atmosphere,
base, rhythmic, leads or dreams,
was crafted and integrated to form the Ascending Path.

► 01. Know Your Self
► 02. Multi - Dimensional
► 03. Sempre Viva
Mastering by Petran at Echology Studios
Artwork by Planarstrokes
  Release Date: 2016-06-20