After 2 full length albums,
1 EP and several releases in various compilations,

Memphidos presents us his 3rd full length album entitled
"Walking To Loneliness".

A Psychill - Ambient journey with beautifully crafted melodies combined with warm atmospherical elements..

Accompanied by a Limited handmade package with :
1 Audio CD,
9 stunning illustrations,
1 poster,
1 DVD with full animation-al material,
Time-laps videos,
Visuals for the whole Album,
Plus Bonus Materials.

►01. Escape From Reality
►02. Nature
►03. Walking To Loneliness
►04. Prevision
►05. Fog
►06. Flying In My Dreams
►07. Overlight
►08. Aurora's Melancholic Lights
►09. Finding You
All created by the multi-talented cells of Memphidos !!
  Release Date: 2014-03-20