Sonic Loom presents the second part of our planet's audio journey.

Based on a different, more up-tempo, acoustic concept.

Creating soundscapes in perfect alignment with the forthcoming summer epoch.

Once again thoroughly compiled by Daoine Sidhe & flawlessly mastered by Dark Elf.

Alongside with "Summer Solstice" we proudly announce the first solo album of our down-tempo family !!

Stefan Torto 's fresh works "Inner Watt" promises to travel you even deeper in the endless ocean of music.

Anniversary Offer - Buying Digital "Summer Solstice" we offer you "Spring Equinox" (EP) for free, Until 15 July 2014 !!

► 01. AuroraX - Walking Monotones
► 02. Sygnals - Smelling Sky
► 03. Momentum - Cloudsurfing (feat. Elisw)
► 04. Daoine Sidhe - Aurelia
► 05. Memphidos - Zeus
Compiled by Daoine Sidhe
Mastering by Dark Elf @ KGB Studios
Artwork by Cosmonaut
  Release Date: 2013-06-21