Under the surface of the Earth a whole kingdom of organisms
keeps the balance between material & immaterial worlds.
Muscaria, as the mythical entity of the fungus kingdom holds
the key to communicating and interacting with the hidden dimensions surrounding us.

We are thrilled to present you Muscaria’s new EP “Sonic Shrooms”.
Deep & atmospheric, organic & enigmatic.
Representing the pure Forest style

►1. Muscaria - Sonic Systems
►2. Muscaria - The Infinite Shroom
►3. Dark Elf - Obsidian (Muscaria RMX)
Mastered by: Petran @ Echology Studios
Designed by: Somepills.com
Written & produced by: Muscaria (A)
Produced by: Sonic Loom Music 2021
  Release Date: 2022-12-28