Diving deeper into worlds of complexity & vibrating sounds
Michael researched about the extraction of the "Audio Molecule"
The experiment's outcome: his debut Album
" Biohacker - Audio Molecule "
His psychedelic experiences throughout the dance scene,
is the reason the Biohacker project was created as an emergence of said experiences.
As a result, thick, sturdy and trippy basslines,
shifting intelligent grooves and constant lead interaction,
are delivered through a non-stop dance psychedelic sequence,
that is guaranteed to shake the proverbial foundations of any dancefloor.

►1. Biohacker & Youtopia - Audio Structure
►2. Biohacker - Molecular Response
►3. Biohacker - Behavioural Experiment
►4. Biohacker - Isolation Treatment
►5. Biohacker & Tromo - Reviewing Data
►6. Biohacker - Accidental Bonding Agent
►7. Biohacker & Elwood - Combination Theorem
►8. Biohacker - Fantasy Corner (What If)
►9. Biohacker - Primal Implementation
Mastered by: Plus Six Mastering
Designed by: Tziv
Written & produced by: Biohacker
Produced by: Sonic Loom Music 2023
  Release Date: 2023-01-05