∞ Psychedelic Trance Releases

VA Sonic Force


∅"Sonic Force - Fuel for the underground soul ∅
In the ever-evolving cosmos of electronic music, a momentous collision of forces is about to occur.
Brace yourself for an auditory excursion of unparalleled proportions as two heavyweights
of the psychedelic realm, Sonic Loom and Deviant Force Records,
unite to birth a stellar revelation: "Sonic Force."
This collaborative piece of art is more than a compilation; it's a carefully curated cosmic symphony,
pulling you into the depths of powerful and psychedelic underground trance.
Prepare to be engulfed by a vortex of mind-bending frequencies and surreal rhythms meticulously
crafted by the prodigious artists from both renowned labels.
"Sonic Force" is an enigmatic tapestry woven from the essence of the underground,
offering a diverse array of tracks that defy expectations and redefine the
very essence of underground psychedelic trance.
A convergence of creative brilliance, showcasing the avant-garde,
pushing the limits of sonic experimentation.
Delve into the abyss of intricate basslines, hypnotic arpeggios, and ethereal atmospheres
that resonate with the deepest recesses of your psyche.
"Sonic Force" is not for the faint-hearted;
it's a release that ignites the spirit of the underground,
beckoning those who seek a relentless pulse, a
connection to thecosmos, and an escape from the ordinary.

∅ Compiled by: Joshi & Mutaro
∅ Mastering by: Orestis@Celestial Textures
∅ Artwork by: Zhapa Noid Rodriguez

►1. Dark Elf & Muscaria - Entity
►2. Leso - Circular Purple
►3. Quadraphonic - Time Manifolds
►4. Mutaro - Deviant Society
►5. Tromo - Echoes Unleashed
►6. AlgorMorph - Sonic Force
►7. ChromArepo - Darknitzt
►8. Antonymous & Allu - Space Quest
►9. Sator Arepo & Yann - Looming Deviants
►10. Dark Notes & Yara - What did you learn?
∅ Compiled by: Joshi & Mutaro
∅ Mastering by: Orestis@Celestial Textures
∅ Artwork by: Zhapa Noid Rodriguez
  Release Date: 2024-02-02    


Leso E.P. Inner Speech


I’m talking to myself but is anyone listening?
And to whom am I talking to after all?
Is that me or someone pretending to be myself?

When I talk to myself I am speaking to a different person each time.
Inner speech talks with a myriad of voices, some of them playful,
some of them mischievous, some of them contemplative and deep.
This music is inspired by all of them. It is time to meet your other selves at last

1. Leso - Behind The Trees
2. Leso - Mass Media
3. Leso - Personal Indulgence
▶️Mastering by: PetranMusic @ Echology Studios
▶️Artwork by : Joe Sanchez
▶️Written & Produced by: Riccardo Antonelli
▶️Produced by: Sonic Loom Music 2023
  Release Date: 2023-06-05    


Band Crash - Why


The "mother" of all questions.
The eternal journey of cause and effect.
To find the reason you must go on a quest inside yourself.
Our inner core reflects all worlds and dimensions.
So, there is the answer!
and here is the reason : Band Crash 's debut album!

After a lot of effort and a period of silence Band Crash are very happy to release this album and they'll be even
happier if you enjoy it..!

  ►1. Klion
►2. Piramatiz
►3. Astros
►4. Pazar
►5. Banieroom
►6. Kouvari
►7. Seven 11
►8. Colordof
►9. 166

  Artwork : Started by Band Crash completed by TERM1NU5
Mastering : Orestis @ Celestial Textures
Produced by: Sonic Loom Music 2022
  Release Date:    


Biophotons - Moral Compass


Where am I?
Where was I supposed to be going?
Which way?
Night or day?
Here, there, the clocks always point to the past... or is this the future?

But there is a compass that always points to hope.
So moment to moment, beat by beat, let this compass guide you through
another psychedelic adventure.

►1. Biophotons - Present Experience
►2. Biophotons - Moral Compass
►3.Biophotons - Volatile Ingredients
Mastering by: PetranMusic @ Echology Studios
Artwork by: Tziv
Written & produced by: Mike Biophotons
Produced by: Sonic Loom Music 2023
  Release Date: 2023-03-21    


Biohacker -Audio Molecule

Biohacker - Audio Molecule


Diving deeper into worlds of complexity & vibrating sounds
Michael researched about the extraction of the "Audio Molecule"
The experiment's outcome: his debut Album
" Biohacker - Audio Molecule "
His psychedelic experiences throughout the dance scene,
is the reason the Biohacker project was created as an emergence of said experiences.
As a result, thick, sturdy and trippy basslines,
shifting intelligent grooves and constant lead interaction,
are delivered through a non-stop dance psychedelic sequence,
that is guaranteed to shake the proverbial foundations of any dancefloor.

►1. Biohacker & Youtopia - Audio Structure
►2. Biohacker - Molecular Response
►3. Biohacker - Behavioural Experiment
►4. Biohacker - Isolation Treatment
►5. Biohacker & Tromo - Reviewing Data
►6. Biohacker - Accidental Bonding Agent
►7. Biohacker & Elwood - Combination Theorem
►8. Biohacker - Fantasy Corner (What If)
►9. Biohacker - Primal Implementation
Mastered by: Plus Six Mastering
Designed by: Tziv
Written & produced by: Biohacker
Produced by: Sonic Loom Music 2023
  Release Date: 2023-01-05