Passing through all phases of light & darkness..
Experiencing one of the oldest and most vital sequence of our planet.
Traversing the eternal path from every solstice to the following equinox.

The epilogue of the "Orbita Solaris" tetralogy arrives on 21 December!
Presenting once more a different acoustic timbre.

Approaching the experimental area of sound, exploring mystical soundscapes, unifying known & unknown aspects of music.

"Sacred Sequence" is the final act of this music symphony…

►01. E_Lphabet – Smile For Now
►02. 3,14 – Can You See it
►03. Daoine Sidhe & 3,14 – The Pi & Phi
►04. Bandbates – Condensession
►05. Stefan Torto – Abyss Molecules
►06. Band Crash – Broken Dream
Compiled by Daoine Sidhe
Mastering by Dark Elf @ KGB Studios
Artwork by Cosmonaut
  Release Date: 2013-12-21