Sonic Loom proudly announces the launch of an electronica and downtempo release E.P Series !!

Consisting of 4 parts, based on the concept of Equinoxes & Solstices,

"Orbita Solaris" will guide you to our planet's audio-journey around the Sun..

Carefully compiled by Daoine Sidhe & enhanced by the artists of the "Loom".

Each part will be released at the exact date of each Equinox & Solstice.

Beginning with the spring equinox on 20th of March 2013,
which will also be the release date of Dark Elf 's fresh E.P.
entitled "New Era".

► 01. Naturelement - Unexplored Feelings
► 02. Daub - Daubing with my dinner (Live edit)
► 03. Fugitive Factor - Subbizm
► 04. Memphidos - Human
► 05. Escape Velocity - Cosmologies of Alcman
Compiled by Daoine Sidhe
Mastering by Dark Elf @ KGB Studios
Artwork by Cosmonaut
  Release Date: 2013-03-20