Five years after his first personal album “Recursive Consciousness”,
released on Tantrumm Records in 2010, 
Orestis strikes again with a full length album: 

“Group Therapy” consists in 10 unreleased tracks, 
collaborations with friends from all around Planet Earth. 

• Ajja • Arjuna • Drury Nevil • Farebi Jalebi
• Madness Increazzed • Osom • Petran
• Psykovsky • Tromo • Zigurat & Glosolalia

Awash with the healing touch of the artist, 
adorned with the wizardry of beloved friends. 

Brewing for a long time, this is therapy like no other!

Mastering by Orestis @ Unreal Studios
Artwork by Planarstrokes

Release Date : 12 Feb 2016