Everyone is a potential alchemist. One can heal oneself and
others spiritually and physically through internal procedures,
using tangible and intangible ingredients.
In this recipe we propose audio versions of emotions and thoughts.
We suggest a strong and loud dose, in a natural or adapted
environment. Music heals by transforming vibrations.
The purpose is the conscious transformation of the mortal into the immortal and spiritual.

In case of overdose, blame universe...

►01 Petran - Oneiros 
►02 Atomas - Salt Island 
►03 Muscaria & Antonymous - The Lost Souls Of A Future Past
►04 Ordo Ab Chao & Antonymous -Animistic Mysteries
►05 Tromo - End Of Freedom
►06 OhmInside & FreakPlanet - Supernatural
►07 Drury Nevil - Spectral Pitch
►08 Quadraphonic - Brain Defragment
►09 Band Crash - Stone Effect
►10 Orestis - Elixir
Compiled by Ordo Ab Chao,
Mastered by Petran.
Graphics by Planarstrokes.

Release Date : 27 Feb 2015