Sonic Loom proudly welcomes Stefan Torto in the collective family !!

The well known, respected producer and main composer of the fantastic 'Zen Garden' band,
presents you his 4th solo album "Inner Watt".

Magically crafted with his familiar sound perspective, surprising us once more with a pure fusion of downbeat electronics,
multilayered with deep atmospheric, almost cinematic musical scales.

Simultaneously distributed with the 2nd part of the "Orbita Solaris" series, "Summer Solstice"...
Guiding & accompanying you straight to the heart of the summer !!

Special thanks to Roxani Eleni Garefalaki, s.bell, DreamMade Teller and the rest of the Zen Garden,
Aristides & Phoebus from Sygnals, Dark Elf, Cydelix & Side liner,
Tomako team, Chris Ortmann, my Family, 
and all of you for your love & support !!


Release Date : 23 July 2013

Stefan Torto - Inner Watt

  • 01.Stefan Torto - Element-Y
  • 02.Stefan Torto - Lysergic Molecules
  • 03.Stefan Torto - Canvas
  • 04.Stefan Torto - Underwater Sunrise
  • 05.Stefan Torto feat. DreamMade Teller - Festos
  • 06.Stefan Torto - Lythos
  • 07.Stefan Torto - OmGen
  • 08.Stefan Torto - Inner Watt
  • 09.Stefan Torto - StepDancers
  • 10.Stefan Torto - Parallel Quantization
  • 11.Stefan Torto & Sygnals - Synapses
  • 12.Stefan Torto - Harmonical Observer

Cretan Lyra in track "Harmonical Observer" by George D.
Gently participation in tracks 3 & 4 by DreamMade Teller.
Tracks 1 & 9 written in 2003.

Mastered by Dark Elf
Cover Design by Chris Ortmann