We all emerge from one another, coming in, out and through each other in everything we touch, feel or listen to.
So let our music be a mode of mutual awareness; let our dance be a form of unity.
Let us turn this dumb world in the direction of collective sustainability.
However things look like, Collective Intelligence is gonna do it sooner or later…

►1. Muscaria & Malice in Wonderland - Black Lotus
►2. Polyplexer - Let It Flow
►3. DarkElf - Veta Madre
►4. Yann - Voyager II
►5. Simia & Leso - Swamp Meeting
►6. Thos Grol - The Magician's Hat
►7. Antonymous & Biophotons - Uncertainty Principle
►8. Tromo - Labyrinth of Madness
►9. Algorithium & Ektomorph - Unplugged
►10. Biohacker - Fantasy Corner
Compiled by Ordo Ab Chao,
Mastered by Petran at Echology Studios,
Graphics by planarstrokes
  Release Date: 2021-04-15