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Band Crash - Why

Physical Cd
Sales price 11,60 €

The "mother" of all questions. The eternal journey of cause and effect.
To find the reason you must go on a quest inside yourself.
Our inner core reflects all worlds and dimensions.
So, there is the answer! and here is the reason : Band Crash 's debut album!

After a lot of effort and a period of silence Band Crash are very happy to release
this album and they'll be even happier if you enjoy it..!

 ►1. Klion
►2. Piramatiz
►3. Astros
►4. Pazar
►5. Banieroom
►6. Kouvari
►7. Seven 11
►8. Colordof
►9. 166

Artwork : started by Band Crash completed by TERM1NU5
Mastering : Orestis @ Celestial Textures
Produced by: Sonic Loom Music 2022