Behind KULU project is Dimitri K. from Thessaloniki, Greece.
He fell in love with music from his early age and he had influences
by multiple musical styles and scenes.

Since 1996 he participates in parties and mixes psy-trance.
He is one of the oldest DJs of the greek scene.
After all that years of experience, he became a significant producer,
best known for his participation in "Metallaxis",
the project that everyone remembers and was formed by Romolo (Polyphonia) and him in the year 2003.
Some of his solo releases were published 2 years later and the Kulu project became official production-wise.

He participated in a big variety of parties nationally and internationally and gained a lot of experience.
Some of his important performances include Boom festival, Forgotten Ritual, Psycrowdelica and Freqs of Nature.
He joined the Sonic Loom Music collective as an artist and DJ in 2012.
Stay tuned for more Mr.Kulu !

Genre : Psychedelic Trance / Country : Greece