Naturelement is a psychill electronica music project by the talented 29 years old producer Dimitris Dritsas.
Dimitris started his journey into music at the dawn of the underground psychedelic scene in mid 90's,
collecting experiences and influences from outdoor festivals and parties in the magical Greek landscape.

He has been performing in several local parties,
in some breathtaking outdoor as well as indoor locations
where his music served the listeners with an all-embracing feeling for nature elements.
In 2003, Dimitris decided to express his thoughts and ideas through music production
and he attended piano and sound engineering seminars, while building his ownstudio.

After years of experimentation and a full album release Chill-o-Matta,
his sound has matured and developed offering listeners musical journeys to the inner self and the nature elements surrounding us all.

Genre : Downtempo / Country : Greece