Daoine Sidhe

Phoebus N. was attracted by the music phenomenon in his early age.
Always searching for deeper meanings in every music style, trying to realise the parameteres of quality.

His first touch with electronic music was in 1998 and ever since became a lover of this style and its later developments.

In early 2000 he had already started making his own sounds with whatever equipment came in hand.
After finishing his studies in music technology in 2007 he decided to really focus on what he likes best..making music !!

That's the time he forms "Sygnals" with his good friends & partners Alex A. & Aristides K. focused mainly in psybient & downtempo electronic sounds.

His solo project "Daoine Sidhe" (sounds like Deenee Shee) is his approach in more experimental sounds
from almost every electronic music style.

Finally in "Dendrobates" project he focuses mainly in the full power psychedelic era of sound.

For many years Phoebus is Djing in various indoor & outdoor locations,
presenting quality sounds in both psychedelic & chillout moods.

C u aRounD !!