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walk randomly into the paths of possibility
you know where you’re going
radiate your frequency to feed the harmony
you know where you guide the tune
this music is made by uncovering the harmony
of your random frequencies

Original Artwork By Plats
Graphics Editing By Dark Crystal
Mastering By Petran @ Echology Studios

Release Date: 9 March 2018


The world is whirling, revolving and
renewing since the beginning of time.
We are all an outgrowth of this change.
Each reversal is a new turn in our adventurous trip.
We captured some of those upside downs under
the psychedelic prism of music.

Be ready to enjoy the next one!

Release Date : 30 June 2017
Compiled by Ordo Ab Chao,
Mastered by Petran at Echology Studios,
Graphics by Planarstrokes.

Antonymous - The Ascending Path (E.P.)

Every path we choose in life leads to a higher purpose. It takes time to be fulfilled, swirling through successive cycles and orbicular paths, but what we do will finally come to embrace us.

Observe the sacred geometry of music flowing through and animating your body.

Feel it as it opens up, blossoms and unfolds in a wider perspective. ... our paths are connected.

Antonymous introduces his work: three tracks written and produced in the Ionian island of Kythera. A sonic adventure where each element, be it atmosphere, base, rhythmic, leads or dreams, was crafted and integrated to form the Ascending Path.

Release Date : 20.June.2016

Mastering by Petran at Echology Studios

Artwork by Planarstrokes


Five years after his first personal album “Recursive Consciousness”, 
released on Tantrumm Records in 2010, 
Orestis strikes again with a full length album: 

“Group Therapy” consists in 10 unreleased tracks, 
collaborations with friends from all around Planet Earth. 

• Ajja • Arjuna • Drury Nevil • Farebi Jalebi
• Madness Increazzed • Osom • Petran
• Psykovsky • Tromo • Zigurat & Glosolalia

Awash with the healing touch of the artist, 
adorned with the wizardry of beloved friends. 

Brewing for a long time, this is therapy like no other!

Release Date : 12.02.2016

Mastering by Orestis @ Unreal Studios
Artwork by Planarstrokes


Everyone is a potential alchemist. One can heal oneself and 
others spiritually and physically through internal procedures, 
using tangible and intangible ingredients. 
In this recipe we propose audio versions of emotions and thoughts. 
We suggest a strong and loud dose, in a natural or adapted 
environment. Music heals by transforming vibrations. 
The purpose is the conscious transformation of the mortal into the immortal and spiritual.

In case of overdose, blame universe...

Release Date : 27 Feb 2015

Compiled by Ordo Ab Chao, 
Mastered by Petran.
Graphics by Planarstrokes.


Entering our primal Source… 
At once obvious and mysterious… 

The matter of All… As a ray… As a wave… 
You can catch a glimpse but not the whole stream… 

Welcome to the brightest dimension ! 

Enter Light ! 

Sonic Loom proudly presents Sygnals' first full album. 
An unforgettable journey through multiple acoustical layers. 

A downtempo pulse that exceeds its own boundaries. 
A farrago of musical tendencies, overflowing endless possibilities… 

As complex as simple… 
Once you enter magic appears !

Release Date : 16 June 2014

Mastering by Petran @ Echology Studios

Artwork by Cosmonaut


Passing through all phases of light & darkness.. 
Experiencing one of the oldest and most vital sequence of our planet.
Traversing the eternal path from every solstice to the following equinox. 

The epilogue of the “Orbita Solaris” tetralogy arrives on 21 December!
Presenting once more a different acoustic timbre. 

Approaching the experimental area of sound, exploring mystical soundscapes, unifying known & unknown aspects of music. 

“Sacred Sequence” is the final act of this music symphony…

Release Date : 21.12.2013
Compiled by Daoine Sidhe
Mastering by Dark Elf @ KGB Studios
Artwork by Cosmonaut


Vlastur started his journey into music as a bass player.
Back in the mid-80's, he was a founding member of the Cohash Funk, an underground funky group.
In 1998 alongside Frequency Freak, fellow Cohash funk guitarist and Spiris, a dubby drummer, 
formed "Apeuthias Syndesi" now known as Direct Connection, a dub experimental laboratory.

They released "Dub Infection" in 2007 at Candy Flip Records.

Even though he started as a bassist in Direct Connection, he is the main sound engineer of DC.
In the meanwhile he was also working as a session musician with various artists and bands.
Between 2004 and 2007 he teamed up with Palyrria, an ethnic-electronica band. 

With them in 2005 he recorded "Methexy" (Protasis Records) and played in many of their gigs.
"InterAxion Dub" (EqNation-2009) is the first fully length work of Vlastur. 

influenced by all his beloved sounds from Dub to Dubstep trough Psy, Ambient, Drum n' Bass and Traditional Mediterranean sounds !
Vlastur Live is the live version of his project. Consisting previously of a drummer, Spyro K, but
nowadays with the help of two active members of it, Dark Elf (Synths/FXs and Machines) and Frequency Freak (Guitar, Synths).

Vlastur believes that the sound evolves constantly while the vibe remains the same, from Rock n' Roll
to Punk and from Dub to Psy.


Are you ready for the 3rd installment of the Orbita Solaris series?

Sonic Loom presents an unawaited pretty different approach in the downtempo section...

With a more DUB and dubstep oriented compilation, come with us and dive into this Sonic Abyss, 

shaken by the deep baselines and the floating atmospheres Future Dub is all about.


Coming September 22 and hitting planet earth but not only…

Release Date : 22.09.2013
Compiled by Future Dub 
(Fugitive Factor, Vlastur)
Mastering by Dark Elf @ KGB Studios
Artwork by Cosmonaut


After 2 full length albums, 
1 EP and several releases in various compilations, 

Memphidos presents us his 3rd full length album entitled 
"Walking To Loneliness". 

A Psychill - Ambient journey with beautifully crafted melodies combined with warm atmospherical elements.. 

Accompanied by a Limited handmade package with : 

  • 1 Audio CD,
  • 9 stunning illustrations,
  • 1 poster,
  • 1 DVD with full animation-al material,
  • Time-laps videos,
  • Visuals for the whole Album,
  • Plus Bonus Materials.
    All created by the multi-talented cells of Memphidos !! 

    Release date : 20 March 2014 


Sonic Loom proudly welcomes Stefan Torto in the collective family !!

The well known, respected producer and main composer of the fantastic 'Zen Garden' band, 
presents you his 4th solo album "Inner Watt".

Magically crafted with his familiar sound perspective, surprising us once more with a pure fusion of downbeat electronics, 
multilayered with deep atmospheric, almost cinematic musical scales.

Simultaneously distributed with the 2nd part of the "Orbita Solaris" series, "Summer Solstice"...
Guiding & accompanying you straight to the heart of the summer !!

Special thanks to Roxani Eleni Garefalaki, s.bell, DreamMade Teller and the rest of the Zen Garden, 
Aristides & Phoebus from Sygnals, Dark Elf, Cydelix & Side liner, 
Tomako team, Chris Ortmann, my Family, 
and all of you for your love & support !!

Cretan Lyra in track "Harmonical Observer" by George D.
Gently participation in tracks 3 & 4 by DreamMade Teller.
Tracks 1 & 9 written in 2003.

Release Date : 23 July 2013
Mastered by Dark Elf
Cover Design by Chris Ortmann


Continuing the "Orbita Solaris" series,

Sonic Loom presents the second part of our planet's audio journey.

Based on a different, more up-tempo, acoustic concept.

Creating soundscapes in perfect alignment with the forthcoming summer epoch.

Once again thoroughly compiled by Daoine Sidhe & flawlessly mastered by Dark Elf.

Alongside with "Summer Solstice" we proudly announce the first solo album of our down-tempo family !!

Stefan Torto 's fresh works "Inner Watt" promises to travel you even deeper in the endless ocean of music.

Anniversary Offer - Buying Digital "Summer Solstice" we offer you "Spring Equinox" (EP) for free, Until 15 July 2014 !!

Release Date : 21.06.2013
Compiled by Daoine Sidhe
Mastering by Dark Elf @ KGB Studios
Artwork by Cosmonaut


Diving deeper and deeper into the microcosm of the human psyche, 
we discover that the separation of human experience is the grandest of all illusions.

If everything we thought we know as true is an illusion then our minds 
are all truly interconnected just the same as points are on a sacred geometry pattern...

Then the observer is not separate from the objects observed, 
the observer becomes an interconnected part of the observation in whole... 

Welcome to immaterial world!

Compiled by Ordo Ab Chao
Mastering by Petran - Echology Studios
Artwork by Planarstrokes


Coming in parallel with the launch of Orbita Solaris, and based on a similar concept - equinoxes
and solstices - due to the chosen release date, it consists of 4 tracks previously unreleased and now ready to be unleashed !

Starting with the minimal approach of the N:Code based on this EP theme, 
slowly evolving to reach this unique sonic journey, 
the 'New Era' will be taking form on the 20th of March 2013.

When the day and the night are considered equal, when the dusk meets dawn, 

when the twilight is more than present on planet Earth..

...a chance for many to be reborn or start over under the purple sky of the northward solstice!

Release Date : 20.03.2013
Mastering by Dark Elf @ KGB Studios
Artwork by Jimacido Digital Art


Sonic Loom proudly announces the launch of an electronica and downtempo release E.P Series !!

Consisting of 4 parts, based on the concept of Equinoxes & Solstices,

"Orbita Solaris" will guide you to our planet's audio-journey around the Sun..

Carefully compiled by Daoine Sidhe & enhanced by the artists of the "Loom".

Each part will be released at the exact date of each Equinox & Solstice.

Beginning with the spring equinox on 20th of March 2013,
which will also be the release date of Dark Elf 's fresh E.P. 
entitled "New Era".

Through the waves of sound, let's observe the celestial phenomena !!

Release Date : 20.03.2013
Compiled by Daoine Sidhe
Mastering by Dark Elf @ KGB Studios
Artwork by Cosmonaut


Sonic Loom introduces you its first downtempo/chillout/experimental compilation "Penduloom Waves", 
as part of its opening parallel release alongside with "Loomination", 
giving its stigma & revealing its intentions on moving through a wide range of musical styles.

Daoine Sidhe carefully tried to capture the silent force of the endless motion of a pendulum. 
This is the audio maxim of such a complex sequence.

Compiled by Daoine Sidhe
Mastering by Petran - Echology Studios
Artwork by Cosmonaut


...and the trees were born... Through a gentle breeze or a rabid storm eventually they grew, 
got separated, unified again and finally loominated..

Loomination is the sound they produce. 
Bright, at times dark, iridescent frequencies have created a multidimensional element to satisfy your ears and mind, 
through a balanced mixture of technology and primal ecstatic rhythms..

Compiled by Ordo Ab Chao
Mastering by Petran - Echology Studios
Artwork by Planarstrokes





Orestis & Friends - Group Therapy

V.A. Immaterial World

V.A. Alchemic Recipe

V.A. Up Psy Down

E.P. - Antonymous - The Ascending Path