Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is the Ambient project of Tilemachos Vlachos and Dimitris Theodoropoulos.
They both come from Corfu, Greece a place with classical music tradition where up to nowadays the cultural remains of the
Venetian Empire are apparent and have had a huge impact on the development of their sound.
They first met back at school at a very early age,
but in 2007 they decided to reunite again and create the Escape Velocity project.

Dimitris is a musician, producer and composer with Chemical Engineering studies.
He started his musical studies at the Conservatoire of Corfu at the age of seven and has obtained his diploma in Clarinet.
He has played in many concerts and has collaborated with many musicians and Philharmonic Orchestras.
He has been involved in electronic music since 1998.

Tilemachos is a musician, producer and Dj who studied Sound Synthesis and
Sound Design alongside his Civil Engineering studies.
He started his musical studies at the Conservatoire of Corfu at the age of twelve and
has been playing the drums and percussion since then.

Tilemachos has been a member of many rock and funk bands but at the end of the nineties
he got fascinated by the electronic techno and trance scenes and  started djing and exploring a different perspective of music composition, which this time included synthesisers, samplers and drum machines.

Escape Velocity use both analog and digital tools in their production.
They experiment with the timbal characteristics of sounds, shifting tempos, the rhythms and time signatures
but the mathematical laws of harmony and proportion always distinguish their sound.

Melancholic Harmonic Ambient blended with Experimental Glitches,
is what describes Escape Velocity's sound best.


Genre : Downtempo / Country : Greece



Last Releases

  • E.P. - Atomas & Mamka - Internal Trails
    E.P. - Atomas & Mamka - Internal Trails
  • Tromo - Harmonies Of Randomness
    Tromo - Harmonies Of Randomness
  • V.A. Up Psy Down
    V.A. Up Psy Down
  • Antonymous<br>The Ascending Path
    The Ascending Path
  • Orestis & Friends<br>Group Therapy
    Orestis & Friends
    Group Therapy
  • V.A. Alchemic Recipe
    V.A. Alchemic Recipe
  • E.P. Orbita Solaris<br>Sacred Sequence
    E.P. Orbita Solaris
    Sacred Sequence
  • Sygnals - Enter Light
    Sygnals - Enter Light
  • Memphidos<br>Walking To Loneliness
    Walking To Loneliness
  • E.P. Orbita Solaris- Future Dub
    E.P. Orbita Solaris- Future Dub
  • Stefan Torto - Inner Watt
    Stefan Torto - Inner Watt
  • V.A.Immaterial World
    V.A.Immaterial World
  • E.P. Orbita Solaris<br>Summer Solstice
    E.P. Orbita Solaris
    Summer Solstice
  • E.P.Dark Elf - New Era
    E.P.Dark Elf - New Era
  • E.P. Orbita Solaris - Spring equinox
    E.P. Orbita Solaris - Spring equinox
  • V.A.Penduloom Waves
    V.A.Penduloom Waves
  • V.A.Loomination




Orestis & Friends - Group Therapy

V.A. Immaterial World

V.A. Alchemic Recipe

V.A. Up Psy Down

Sygnals - Enter Light