Leso is the Solo project created by Riccardo Antonelli, born in 1984 in a small town in Italy.
He stepped into psychedelic trance scene in 1999. After many years traveling through parties and festivals
in Europe and Asia, he started to dj and then in 2013 he began working on his vision of psychedelic sounds.
Inspired mostly by greek dark psychedelic trance, he started "Leso" project; creating forest vibe but with
more aggressive style that brings to dark lead, experimental and psychedelic sounds mixed with deep and organic atmospheres.
He enjoys collaborating with other artists like Spore, Digital Abstract, Ra Root, Golikem, Paul Karma and Aztec Dosage
with whom has given birth to "Weirdos" project.
"Leso" enjoys to make chill-out and ambient tracks too. He performs psytrance and ambient/chill-out live sets.
His first release was with NutriaDance Records but he collaborated also with many labels from all over the world
like Discovalley Records, Sonic Loom Music Music, Deviant Force Records, Goanmantra Records, Another Dimension Music,
Mighty Quinn Records,
Tripura Yantra Records, Plasmasphere Productions, Visionary Shamanics Records, Gloom Music,
Lotus Feet Records, D-Noir Records, Biijah Records and Forest Spirit Records..


Genre : Psychedelic Trance / Country : Greece
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