"FreakPlanet" project was created from Pano's interest to understand all that knobs,
fadersand parameters that manipulate sound waves.

He enjoys playing with frequencies and sequences,
directing them to psychedelia which is infused with twisted elements and grooveful rhythms.
His first contact with knobs and buttons happened in 2003 when he was lost in exploring the sound
generating capabilities of his personal computer.
Gradually was become clear to him, the way that machines can produce unique whistle and unlimited timbres so as
to compose little flavours of music. Enriched with various parameters, feelings, thoughts and emotions
the final blend was composed.

His debut on the music scene was in 2010 when he released two tracks, the
"Master Of Dose" and the "Out Of Space".

Later on he had several solo releases beside other projects in collaboration with Petran,
Drury Nevil and other producers.


Genre : Psychedelic Trance / Country : Greece