The world is whirling, revolving and renewing since the beginning of time.
We are all an outgrowth of this change.
Each reversal is a new turn in our adventurous trip.
We captured some of those upside downs under the psychedelic prism of music.

Be ready to enjoy the next one!

►01 Atomas & Mamka - Biopolar Symphony
►02 Jangaramongara - Proud (Muscaria Rmx)
►03 OhmInside - Oscillation Activity
►04 Antonymous - Illusion Extract
►05 Petran - Moondance (Drury Nevil Rmx)
►06 Leso - System Failure
►07 Weirdos - Weir-Doh
►08 Tromo - Aura Waves
►09 Quadraphonic - Mystic Equation
►10 Frantic Noise & Orestis (Feat Silly Twit) - Psychedelic Trance
Compiled by Ordo Ab Chao,
Mastered by Petran at Echology Studios
Graphics by Planarstrokes.

Release Date : Coming Soon !